We are FASTER COMMUNITY formed and forced by C-Level Technology, Academy and Industry Leaders, Executives and Entrepreneurs from Palestine, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan,  Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, Italy, Turkiye, UK, Indonesia, New Zealand...  We have 3700+ Linkedin Members subscribed to our Linkedin Newsletters here short link : *https://bit.ly/FC-Linkedin*

We are organizing Linkedin Live Webinar as program name "CIO JOURNEY" especially for Digital Transformation. Our webpage is CIOJourney.com and our previous programs are at the page : https://CIOJourney.com/search/label/CIO-Journey

We would like to invite you to our next Linkedin Live event at 9th February Wednesday 12:00 GMT. 

Non CIOs can be speaker at our programs, our target audinces are CIOs. 

Mustafa Kugu
FASTER Community Founder /
CIO Journey Webinar Moderator